Friday, 1 October 2010

My uncle Rory and cousin Daisy

Uncle Rory, the most fascinating of my friends. He doesn't play much, as he is an old man, but I like to sit and listen to his stories of the old'n days, and try to catch his tail as it is much longer than mine..and hairier!
I like going to his house as I get gravy bones (they're Rory's favourites) and when he eats his tea he sometimes gets food stuck in his ears that I can nibble on later. It's GREAT!

Daisy isn't my biological cousin, as you can tell, but she is a very close friend!
She came to stay for two weeks recently, which was great fun, but I got very tired as we played all day everyday! Daisy likes her food, sometimes I have to give her a row as she gets a bit too close to my dinner. She is younger than me, by 3 months, I try to be a good role model for her, but sometimes she just doesn't listen. 
My favourite thing about Daisy is her big ears! 

Until next time darlings...

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